Our Story



Our adventure into parenthood began in July of 2020 when our daughter Mila was born. As we navigated this new and exciting journey, we were overwhelmed by the sheer number of baby items and gadgets available to new parents. We were looking for a simpler way to engage our baby without the extra clutter of parenthood. We chose to incorporate high contrast books and flashcards into our daily routine and quickly appreciated their positive effects. Mila was fascinated, transfixed and engaged by them. It was mesmerizing! She continued to prefer these black and white books for months after she was born. That’s when we had our “Aha!” moment. As a research scientist (Tim) and optometrist (Lena), we began to brainstorm ways to apply the science of high contrast images to aspects of our day-to-day life. We decided to extend the concept of high contrast from flashcards to fashion. This is how Zebra High Contrast Apparel for Parents & Kids was born.

With three distinct collections to choose from (Stripes, Geometrics, and Doodles), our clothing will become an easy and meaningful way to stimulate your infant’s development. All Zebra apparel is 100% cotton and printed in the US and Canada in small batches using high-quality, water-based vegan inks. It’s simple, stylish science. We invite you to join the #zebraapparel family and experience the science first hand!


Lena, Tim and Mila